10 things that help me be a happy electrician when I work

  1. Waking up on time , which does not mean early, but at a time that allows me to do things calmly, having breakfast, perhaps reading and still arriving early for the first appointment of the day. Peace of mind gets me off to a good start.
  2. Dress up as a professional electrician : technical pants, T-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, hat, all strictly branded with the colors and the logo of my company. I’ve noticed that on customers who don’t know me, I make a much more professional impression, based simply on the clothes. It therefore gives me an advantage before I even introduce myself.
  3. Have the tools I need . Because if I use the screwdriver as a chisel, the next time I go to unscrew a screw with that screwdriver, they are cursing! Or if I use the detergent to thread the cables, discovering that the next day it became glue! That’s no good. With the right tools, half the work is done!
  4. Have the van and warehouse in order . Everything in its place and a place for everything! Obviously on this point I preach well, but I scratch really badly, because the order is unknown to me.
  5. Work well, it makes me proud to do a good job. Super tech stuff. Stuff that obviously satisfies the customer. Prove that, as I always say, experience makes a difference.
  6. Take breaks . Relaxing with a couple of breaks in the morning and a couple in the afternoon allows me not to feel like a tow mule and to regain some energy.
  7. Do one job at a time . Since the smartphone has existed, thinking of only one thing at a time is more difficult. Every 10 minutes a new distraction occurs. Calm. Nothing makes me happier than finishing a job without interruption. If you’re calling me on the phone, I’ll call you back later.
  8. Be polite . With customers and collaborators. In short, being polite to people makes all the difference in the world.
  9. Find great collaborators . Doing everything by yourself is very difficult, but having trouble-free collaborators is much worse. The choice of collaborators totally affects my happiness and the company’s performance. Having colleagues who embrace my way of working, having a good technical consultant and a good accountant, makes it all too easy.
  10. Make me pay . The fear of having prices too high is within me, together with the awareness that there will always be those who will make prices lower than mine. I often compare myself with my electrician friends. And then I always keep at hand the prices displayed every six months by the Chamber of Commerce of the city where I work, which is a good benchmark. Given the honesty and perfect execution of the work, in the end of course I decide the cost of my services. For most repairs, I always tell the customer the cost before leaving. This allows the immediate exclusion of those who want everything immediately for little money.

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