3 Ways To Make The Entrance Of Your Property Beautiful

People do judge the book by its cover and they will appraise your home and its residents from the entrance of the home which is mostly overlooked by the homeowners. With little changes and details, you can bring a refreshing and sophisticated change to your doorway that will make your home stand apart from other residents on the block. We are here with 3 amazing tips from landscape designers perth to give your entrance an inviting and organized look. Use these eye-capturing design features to make a good impression on your guests and visitors.

Make A Statement With Stones

Nothing beats the charm of natural elements when it comes to attracting attention. Building the stone steps in the entrance of your home gives it a classy and timeless look. The most commonly used stones in the entryway are limestone, terracotta, and marble. It can vary from grander to rustic looking, depending on your taste and design. You can also use it on sidewalks, front yard designing, or driveways to accentuate the exquisiteness of your entryway. The stone stairs usually go with a stone porch. If you have designed your patio as a place to get together, having a stone porch would upscale the splendor of your home. Just make sure that the stone texture harmonizes with the other features of your home for a coherent appearance.

Front Yard Designing

For a complete transformation of your entrance, invest your time in front yard designing. Plant small trees such as crape myrtles, Japanese maples, or redbuds for the front garden landscape. Embrace your yard with some exquisite plants. Grows roses, herbs, and vegetables,  make sure they get the direct sunlight. Grow shrubs by the windows and on the corners of the house. Design the landscape with tuned shapes and textures. Use hanging baskets, window boxes, and colored containers. For an instant charm, add flowers. Make sure you make functional choices that will grow in the long run when it comes to landscaping your front yard. Take help from a contractor if you need to.

Illuminate your Gate & Other Access Points

Lighten up your garden beds, planting, and pavers with ambient floodlights or bollards. If you want to favorite features such as a water fountain or a statue to attract attention, use accent lightning in an uplight position. Use warm outdoor glow lights not more than 50 lumens, the ones which are dust and water-resistant. Or LED’s which are functional, retro-fit, and energy-efficient. For the backdoor, you can use spotlights. Make sure you get motion sensors with outdoor lightning, to save your guest from the hassle and to keep your power bills in check. Add a timer to control your cluster of lights to keep it functional and trendy without moving a finger.


Add a pinch of your personality to the entrance of your home. Make it lively, refreshing, exciting, interesting, or classy as per your taste. Let people know who you are as a person. Your home, your entryway is a great piece to introduce yourself to others.












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